FM100.3 KSFI

When you’re listening to FM100.3, you’re listening to a mix of the best music made, from Celine Dion to Adele. FM100.3 is the connection between mother and daughter and the music they both love. It’s the background of the busy office, the conversation between best friends, and with the kids. FM100.3 is the music you crank and belt out in the car when you’re by yourself, because they’re playing “your song”.

Our music washes away the stresses of the day and gives you energy for the next. FM100.3 cares about our listeners. Our DJ’s are engaging, personal and many times, inspiring. From encouraging good health, to volunteerism, to making a difference by helping to create unity in the community in an effort to make Utah a safer, smarter and more aware place.

We want to be your favorite go-to station.

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