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Selling Solutions and Driving Results

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We’re not the “Boiler Room”, but we do expect results. We’re more like “The Pursuit of Happiness” than “GlenGarry Glen Ross”. If you are passionate about achieving success for others, if you are competitive and you are a problem solver then sales may be for you. Bonneville markets have active, connected and engaged local audiences that drive results for advertisers. Working in the world of Bonneville sales, you’ll find yourself associated with well respected, heritage brands that stand above the rest. We have integrity in what we sell and how we sell it. If you’re looking for your first sales position or want to take your top-notch sales skills to the next level, we’re anxious to hear from you.

Account Executive

As an Account Executive you’ll be entering as a consultant to help local businesses activate our premium audiences for effective and measurable results. You’ll develop new business, consult with clients to understand their needs and develop programs to bring them success and solve their problems. You’ll build relationships and have the freedom to grow your income. Opportunities will present themselves for growth into sales management as well.

Sales Support

In Sales Support roles you’ll work with a team of passionate individuals who care about “doing well and doing good”. You’ll work with Account Executives, Sales Managers, Marketing and Programming to fulfill and exceed client expectations. Sales Support is an excellent way to start on the path to Account Executive.