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On Air Talent

Our anchors and hosts are the faces and voices of our brand and are trusted and engaging sources of information and entertainment to our audience. You’ll likely begin as a reporter or a producer on a career path that leads to a role as an anchor or host.


You will be responsible to present accurate, unbiased information to inform and enrich our audience. You’ll gather information, conduct interviews and present the news, always abiding by the highest standards of journalistic ethics. You’ll be on call to cover breaking news as events unfold, so you’ll need to be able to think on your feet. We look for those who are driven to find answers, are keen observers and compelling storytellers.

Anchor / Host

You’ll be up to date on everything that is going on in your area of expertise, whether it’s local or national news, music, or politics and current events. And you’ll bring it all to life for our audience with engaging delivery on the air, interaction on social media and live appearances in the community. News anchors will be reliable sources of accurate information, talk hosts will provide their perspective and analysis to current events, and music hosts will keep the audience tuned into their favorite music, while engaging the audience by connecting them with news and products between songs.


Associate Producer
You will work with the executive producer, on-air talent and production team to prepare and deliver a variety of pieces needed for a broadcast. Every day will be different as you search out leads for stories, prepare relevant video or audio, book interviews, write scripts, and then help put it all together so a broadcast runs smoothly from start to finish. You’ll need to show drive and autonomy, while being able to work with many different team members. If you are energized by a fast-paced, dynamic environment, this is the role for you.

Executive Producer
You’ll literally run the show as an executive producer. You’ll generate ideas for stories and features, coordinate assignments, write and edit scripts, and supervise various staff. You’ll need to be highly organized, as you will work across multiple groups and sometimes across different media platforms to create an accurate, cohesive and compelling product. You’ll need to support the on air talent with direction and feedback as well, so we look for leadership, expertise and understanding of the different components required to put together a broadcast.