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Radio Engineering

Your primary responsibility as part of the engineering staff is to keep stations on the air and to keep them legally compliant. As an Engineer, you would oversee the installation and maintenance of the transmitter sites, studios, computer and telephone systems and have an in-depth knowledge of FCC licensing. As a Board Operator, your primary function would be to run the control board, make sure program elements run on time, log commercials, maintain transmitter logs and air emergency alerts. Growth opportunities for you would include Helpdesk Technician where you would be providing IT customer service to our staff, Systems Analyst/IT Director in which you would oversee the computer systems, the Staff Engineer and ultimately the Chief Engineer or Director of Engineering where you would be responsible for all things tech.

Television Engineering

Like radio engineering, your primary responsibility as a member of the television engineering department is to keep the stations on the air and to keep them legally compliant. As Chief Engineer, you would not only oversee all technical aspects of the station including the station property but also manage a varied workforce. Technical aspects also include station equipment, towers, vehicles and studios. While you are learning the trade or attending college, you might be interested in some of the entry-level opportunities including teleprompter operator, floor director and master control operator. Progression to the next level of engineering would lead you into positions such as video editor, graphics/broadcast designer, technical director and broadcast engineer. Besides the traditional positions in the standard television engineering career path, another job that may interest you is the position of photographer.