A message to our clients

A message from Bonneville International to clients

Bonneville International stands committed to informing, building up, connecting and celebrating the families and communities we serve, especially during times of crisis and uncertainty. We have prioritized COVID-19 news coverage across all our audio channels and digital platforms and have the necessary plans and back-ups in place to ensure that we stay on air. We have also taken precautions to make sure our employees remain safe.

Local media that matters

Now more than ever, local communities are relying on the voices they trust to give them location-specific information about COVID-19 that is credible.

As people turn to us during this time of crisis, our news teams are doing exceptional work informing and reassuring the public and connecting them to local resources and services, and our music stations are helping keep people entertained. We need all these things during this stressful time.

All our on-air personalities continue to be strong advocates, encouraging our audiences to be smart and stay safe following best practices recommended by the CDC.

We also remain committed to helping our clients grow business and protect your hard-earned brand equity. Here are some of the best practices we suggest:

Inform, reassure and be helpful

During times of crisis, sending reassuring messages that reinforce and create emotional connections with your brand is important. Now is also a good time to readjust and maximize the strength of your brand. What do you offer and what makes you different from your competition? How can you help people and contribute to the community? You can position your brand as an ally to consumers in tough times.

Let us help you

We are available to help you reevaluate your marketing strategies and adjust existing campaigns or create new advertising.

This is a challenging time, to be sure, but together we will get through it.