Bonneville Denver Airs Suicide Prevention Special

DENVER–Bonneville Denver took a break from regular programming to broadcast a special edition of Mile High Magazine focused on suicide prevention. The special hosted by Murphy Huston and Melissa Moore discussed suicide among teenagers, elderly and veterans.

“This is such a critical issue facing our community and affects so many families in the Denver area,” said Jim Lawson, Program Director of KOSI 101.1.

Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan aired the program following a local college football game between the University of Colorado and the Air Force Academy.

“We hope to maximize the number of teenagers and parents we can reach to increase the difference we can make.,” said Program Director Raj Sharan.

September is suicide prevention month.

“This will not be just a one-time program, but an on-going effort by our stations to discuss, educate and increase awareness of mental health issues and the tragedy of suicide,” said Bob, Vice President of Bonneville Denver.