This little papillon smashed the competition at the Westminster Dog Show with her ‘lightning fast’ agility run

By Ari Rees
If you blinked while watching the Westminster Dog Show Sunday, you might have missed the crazy fast run of a little dog named Gabby who’s stealing the hearts of the internet this week.

What happened: Gabby, a papillon who is 8 inches tall and 3 years old, completed the Westminster agility course at the 2019 WKC Masters Agility Championship with a blazing fast run of 39.31 seconds, according to Fox Sports.

  • According to Metro, Gabby’s time wasn’t the fastest of the competition — that distinction went to Verb, a border collie from Wyncote, Pennsylvania, who finished the course in 32 seconds — but Gabby did win the 8-inch division title with her run.

Social media users were quick to share their admiration for the dog’s speed and energetic presence on the floor.

Others joked about how their own dogs in comparison.

Since being posted on social media, Gabby’s run has been viewed over 1.7 million times.