Here’s why the Peacock may not win ‘The Masked Singer’

By Herb Scribner

ScreenRant just published a full list of guesses for all the remaining contestants on “The Masked Singer.”

And, once again, the website theorized about the Peacock, saying it is likely Donny Osmond.

Here’s why: “Few people fill out Osmond’s resume and answer so many of these clues. Osmond is a Vegas veteran and been doing show business since he was a child. He was a teen heartthrob and your mom probably had a poster of him on her wall. His Peacock persona could also be a reference to his starring role in ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’”

What’s interesting: ScreenRant noted that the show’s judges don’t think the Peacock is Donny Osmond.

  • In fact, the report lists Robin Thicke’s guess as Zac Efron or Jimmy Kimmel, Jenny McCarthy’s guess as Hugh Jackman and Ken Jeong’s guess as Teller of Las Vegas magical act Penn & Teller.

Problem: Pop culture writer Carter Matt says the Peacock has a chance of winning the entire competition if his identity wasn’t so obvious.

  • “We love the amount of work that the Peacock has put into this character, making him over-the-top and also allowing him to perform like nobody’s business! He’s a great singer … and really, the only thing working against him is the obviousness of who he is.”

Theories: Multiple theories exist that Osmond is the Peacock. The most obvious came from Marie Osmond, who accidentally let his identity slip in an interview with access.