This new leaked ‘Avengers: Endgame’ photo supports long-running Hulk theory

By Herb Scribner

More “Avengers: Endgame” speculation has popped up thanks to a promotional image of the superhero squad. And it actually connects to a long-running theory about the Hulk.

What happened: Comic Book Resource spotted a new image from Orville Redenbacher that is linked to a potential contest, which will have an “Endgame” theme.

  • The image, which you can see below, looks a little photoshopped and unnatural (there’s a possibility it’s incomplete). But “Endgame” theorists are focusing their attention on the Hulk because he looks a little different than in previous photos, according to Uproxx.
  • “The image looks a little wonky, but here’s a closer peek at Hulk, who’s looking mighty different here as opposed to other previous Marvel Studios films,” according to Uproxx. “He appears to be a lot less CGI-ed/Hulked out and more like Mark Ruffalo. So obviously, he looks much more like Bruce Banner, right?”

Why it matters: Fans are pointing out how Hulk looks different than he did in “Ragnarok,” which seems to suggest that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Hulk character will meld into one character named Professor Hulk.

  • “In other words, Hulk and Banner would merge into a being that possesses Banner’s incredibly analytic mind and Hulk’s brute strength. So, he’d be a greater asset than he already is for the Avengers and maybe help them fix the whole Thanos problem,” according to Uproxx.