‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ rumor hints at Lando’s role in film, plus an intriguing scene involving C-3PO

By Ari Rees

This week, new rumors are flying around the “Star Wars” fandom about what we’ll see in “Star Wars: Episode IX,” particularly what role Billy Dee Williams will play in the film as he once again appears as Lando Calrissian.

Warning: Potential Star Wars IX spoilers ahead.

What happened: This week, the popular “Star Wars” fan site Making Star Wars reported that although Lando Calrissian will return to the big screen, his role will be more minor than previously anticipated.

  • Lando will reportedly have a role similar to Maz Kanata, acting more as a guide pointing the way to a mysterious object, person or location that is rumored to be one focus of the film, according to Making Star Wars.
  • That unknown “something” is reportedly going to be “delightful, but somewhat controversial,” according to Making Star Wars.
  • Comic Book reports that Lando is said to wear a yellow shirt similar to the one Donald Glover wears in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” “busying himself up with a ‘fancy blue cape’ and a cane to boot.”

That’s not all: Making Star Wars is also reporting that there’s a scene in “Star Wars: Episode IX” where C-3PO is wearing Chewbacca’s bandolier and bowcaster while holding Rey’s staff.

  • No context has been given for this scene, which allows for a lot of room for speculation. Is C-3PO merely acting as a sort of droid coat hanger? Or are Chewbacca and Rey in grave circumstances? Either is a plausible possibility.

Making Star Wars also reported that they’ve seen a new rebel hero in the film, who is reported to be Naomi Ackie’s character.

  • Ackie is rumored to play Lando’s daughter in the new film, according to Screen Rant.

Recent “Episode IX” news: On Jan. 28, Anthony Daniels reported that all of C-3PO’s scenes had wrapped up filming, prompting speculation that a teaser or title for the new film would soon be released, according to Comic Book.

  • No announcement has come yet. Daniels and co-star Mark Hamill have been trolling fans with hints about the film’s title.

“Star Wars: Episode IX” is expected to be released on Dec. 20, 2019.